Give It To Me Sweetie

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thankyou for that penis submission :-))


i love when girls sit like this

Anonymous asked: Where is this big arse of yours then as we have never seen it

youve never seen it because I dont have one :-)

Anonymous asked: I love you¬

fuck off you cunt

Anonymous asked: So you want Alex to think you cheated on him? Even he probably did cheat on you, cos he's a cunt.

Im a cheat anyway and nope I doubt it, I had him wrapped around my little finger >

Anonymous asked: Why are you making yourself sound gross? Like saying you don't shave and that you fucked your tattoo artist (weren't you with Alex when you got it done?). Your making yourself sound like a slut and I don't think you are x

how is staying natural gross? il do what i want, i have enough of people judging me!




© Larsen Sotelo


I did a couple of edits of Shelley (l0stkeys) cos shes pretty darn cute
Photo belongs to Shelley and not me idk giving credit yo~

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Anonymous asked: do u shave?

nope, hardly ever. i prefer being all natural